"Huo Zhe "

Directed/Composed by Kino Lee

Hands are us, water is how the life treating us, and we as audiences are watching the life from far. The title "Huo Zhe" means "living" in Mandarin.


Advertisement for Taiwan Candidate

Directed by Akira Hsueh


AAIFF42 Festival Trailer

42nd Asian American International Film Festival | New York City


Taiwan Film Festival in Berlin



In the Studio with Frances B. Ashforth

Film by Chloe Lee
Featuring Frances B. Ashforth (francesbashforth.com)
Christopher Shore
Lead Music Supervisor—Kino Lee
Colorist—Calvin Luu


The Edut Project Trailer

Artist: David Jon Kassan
Director: Chloe Lee
Composer: Kino Lee


Movie "The Key" Ofiicial Trailer

the key cover.jpg