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About Kino Lee

Florence Film Awards: Honorable mention: Experimental Film (Italy)

Latitude Film Awards: Bronze Award: Best Original Score & Best Experimental Short (UK)

London Independent Film Awards: Best Original Score(UK)

Festigious Los Angeles:Best Score (LA, US) 

Oniros Film Awards: Honorable Mention: Best Soundtrack (Italy) 

Independent Shorts Awards: Honorable Mention: Best Music Video (LA, US)

New York Film Awards: Best Score (NY, US)

New York Movie Awards: Best Director Super Short Film & Best Original Score (NYC,US)

Flicks Monthly Film Festival: Best Musical Film (London)

South Film and Arts Academy Festival: Best Microshort Film & Original score honorable mention in a short film(Chille)

Vegas Movie Awards: Best Experimental Film: Award of Excellence & Best Original Score: Award of Prestige (Vegas, US)

Global Shorts: Special Mention (LA, US)

Top Indie Film Awards: Best Music (Tokyo, Japan)

UK Seasonal Short Film Festival: Special Mention (UK)

French Riviera Film Festival (France)

Global Film Festival Awards: Best Indie Filmmaker (LA)

Falcon International Film Festival: Best Experimental film(London)

Indy Film Library Award: Best Experimental film (Amsterdam)


Kino Lee is a multi artist who hails from Taipei, Taiwan. Lee earned a degree in Classical Piano Performance from Fujen University in the Spring of 2017, she graduated from Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring with a minor in Video Game Scoring. 

During her years at Berklee, Kino took part in many projects. She was music programmer for the PBS Frontline documentary "The Fish on My Plate"; assistant composer for Masan Daring; composer for the video games "Wave Rider" and "Long Walk Home"; keyboard 1 player for the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra. Lee was also a Berklee scholarship recipient and winner of the Berklee Contemporary Classical Performance award in 2015 and the Formosa Youth Choir Composition Award in 2012 and 2013. In 2017 August, she released her first album "Free Spirit" through all the media. She is working under Director Akira Hsueh throughout the year 2017. Kino's scoring for the film "The Key '' has won "The Best Original Score " from LA Independent Film Festival in 2019. Another film she composed for the director Akira Hsueh in the same year "A Chin", funded by Taiwan Public Television Service had a huge success in Taiwan. Kino's most recent work as a director and composer "Huo Zhe" has been a award winner from Florence Film Awards, Latitude Film Awards, London Independent Film Awards, Festigious Los Angeles, Oniros Film Awards, Independent Shorts Awards, New York Film Awards and New York Movie Awards, Flicks Monthly Film Festival, South Film and Arts Academy Festival,  Vegas Movie Awards, Global Shorts, Top Indie Film Awards, UK Seasonal Short Film Festival, French Riviera Film Festival, Global Film Festival Awards.“Huo Zhe” is  now part of the film festivals/ screened in many countries - USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Slovakia, Russia, France, Romania, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Poland, Brazil, Chille and Japan.